Fluff: Kirstie Alley’s Twitter Wisdom for the week of February 1, 2010

By | February 5, 2010

It’s Friday, kids, and that means it’s time for another installment of Kirstie Alley’s Twitter Wisdom! This week Kirstie gives us choices, and muses on the nature of power and oppression.

Kirstie demands you choose.
Kirstie demands you choose.

The saga continues… after the jump.

Kirstie demands you choose some more.
Kirstie demands you choose some more.

Choose! (Apologies, but… green or blue avatars? What does this mean?)

Kirstie reveals her selections.
Kirstie reveals her selections. I certainly would have pegged for a coyote person, so this is revealing.

Kirstie on freedom.
Kirstie on freedom. (I struggle here not to make a “one thousand monkeys at one thousand typewriters” joke.)

Kirstie on oppressive regimes.
Kirstie on oppressive regimes. For context, Kirstie’s teenage daughter also has a Twitter account, and she has lately been suffering harassment from trolls, which is categorically not okay. Though Kirstie has plenty of trolls of her own, her responses to the people contacting her daughter have ranged from the vague references above, to just short of outright death threats.

Kirstie demonstrates mercy.
Kirstie demonstrates mercy. Mites have rights too.

Or maybe have sex with an angel and accomplish both. I don't know.
Or maybe have sex with an angel and accomplish both. I don’t know.

In other strange pop culture connections, this week Kirstie exchanged tweets with Dan Cortese, who was in Italy for some reason. (Being unemployed? Who knows? Regardless, he’s in Italy and I’m not, so my snark here is blunted.) Some will remember Dan Cortese as the host of MTV Sports in the 1990s, but I remember him chiefly as the Burger King spokesperson on those inexplicably annoying “BK TeeVee” commercials, also around the mid-90s, for which I have never been able to muster forgiveness, either for Cortese OR for Burger King.

Don’t know what I’m talking about, young whippersnapper? Oh, the magic of YouTube for preserving ephemera that would better be lost forever in the ether.

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