Breaking: eShakti now offering standard sizes to 38W?

By | October 6, 2009

eShakti's Joan Holloway dress

I apologize for my extended silence. Last week I developed a bog-standard head cold, which is a masterpiece of irony considering the rate at which I’ve been going through hand sanitizer in vigilant preparation for the Great Bacon Plague.* I do have a few substantial posts in the pipeline, but I thought this was important enough to make a fluffy announcement about.

Longtime readers are aware of my professed love for eShakti, the quirky India-based online clothing shop; most particularly my adoration for their plentiful and diverse year-round dress selection. eShakti has always had standard sizes to a 26W, which I just barely fit, and would do custom sizes for larger folks, but at an additional fee. Well, whilst shopping the eShakti site tonight I discovered that it seems they’re now implementing standardized sizes, free of additional charge, all the way up to a 38W, which according to their size chart would accomodate a 65″ bust, 59″ waist, and 58″ hips.

Some folks have had issues with eShakti’s customer service; I haven’t had any problems personally, but you might want to check out the eShakti tag on the Fatshionista LiveJournal community just so you’re well informed of possible problems. Overall, though I think this is a hugely (pun intended) positive development for extended sizes.

* No offense to bacon. I still love you, bacon!

EDIT: Sadly, the extended sizes seem to have vanished from the site for now. Custom sizing is still an option, though. I’ll keep y’all updated.

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