Friday Outfitblog.

By | September 18, 2009

I’ve been doing quite a bit of shopping-in-my-closet (and, truth be told, on Etsy) lately, as well as revisiting my slightly-embarrassing goth past. Which of these things is invoking the other, I have no idea; it’s a real chicken-or-the-egg scenario.

I have an admirer.
Brown shirtdress is LB by way of AJ Wright; purple cardi is from Torrid; leather belt is from Steel Toe Studios; silver steel buckle is by Fosterweld on Etsy; lapis necklace was a gift from my mom; lazy-ass flats are Clarks.
(Cat came from the Massachusetts ASPCA about eleven years ago. His life prior to that is a mystery.)
(And my hair is not really clown-orange; I was still figuring out the lighting in this particular photo-taking location.)

More after the jump.

Black dress is from; purple scarf was a gift; beaded knotted necklace is vintage and I’ve had it forever, I think I got it on eBay; shoes are Dansko.

Black bubble-hem dress is from Lane Bryant, a few years ago; grey “grandpa” cardi is from Torrid; silk stole by some hoity-toity high-end designer whose name I forget, gotten very cheap on eBay; pocketwatch worn as necklace also from eBay; shoes are Dansko.

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