Facepalm: Torrid, still doing it wrong

By | May 18, 2009

I was away for the weekend. This was in my inbox when I got back.

Torrid, why?

Last week, we had a bit of an intervention for Torrid over on the Fatshionista LiveJournal community. Though people’s expectations and demands vary in some respects, there were a few common points, the primary ones being sizing inconsistencies, Torrid’s pricing being way out of line with the (dubious) quality of their garments, and that for a supposedly “trendy” shop they have an annoying habit of being two or three seasons behind on trends. (This is a rough summation – read the original thread for more or to add your own thoughts, but be warned, it’s very, very, very long.)

The above email image is a perfect example of everything that’s wrong with Torrid these days. These selections are practically style-free, and frankly variations on the dresses could have been had at Old Navy months ago. Though Old Navy relegates the fatties to website traffic only (all the better for us, that we don’t have to get off our copious asses to go to the store – Old Navy, you are so considerate) at least they peddle cheap crap at a reasonable price. That gal on the left? Her outfit costs a total of $137. Doesn’t look it, does it? I am not going to judge those of you who enjoy shiny purple spandex leggings (OH YES, THEY ARE SHINY) and sublimation prints. Nope, not even though I want to pat your little heads and say “Dears, dears, you can do better, and don’t let anyone tell you different.” I do hope even the shiny-legging/sublimation-loving among you will agree that paying $137 for the above 100%-synthetic-fiber ensemble is obscene. And I won’t even dwell on the fact that Torrid’s selling polyester for summer dressing; it’s just another example of how they simply don’t get it.

Thoughtful alternatives for summer dresses: I’m no fan of Old Navy, but they do reliably stock natural-fiber sundresses at bargain prices, and many people who are not me seem to like them. Anyone who follows my fatshion knows I’m hugely fond of eShakti, and the overwhelming majority of their items are 100% cotton, though the turnaround time (everything ships from India) can be long. Finally, depending on where you live, your local TJ Maxx/AJ Wright/Ross Dress for Less can be an untapped source of cute sundresses at ridiculously cheap prices, though you may have to hunt for them.

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