An open letter to Forever 21, on the subject of Faith 21.

By | May 1, 2009

Backstory: Forever 21, purveyor of inexpensive trendy garb to slender teens, announced a couple months ago that it would be launching a plus-size line this May. On to the letter:

To Forever 21/Faith 21/WTFE:

It’s May! The flowers are blooming. People are shedding their heavy, full-coverage winter apparel in favor of warm-weather clothing. Oh, it’s just fucking beautiful. Also, you have your plus-size line, Faith 21, appearing in stores! Trendy fats nationwide eagerly lean forward into the glow of their computer monitors, awaiting the bounty, hands clasped, eyes wide, shivering in anticipation, as it were.

So what the fuck is this?


That’s the size chart for the “new” “plus size” line! Look y’all, it goes ALL THE WAY TO JUNIOR 2X! It’s a bleeding fashion revolution, is what it is. Thank you, Faith 21, for slightly expanding your size range so that marginally larger people can also purchase your wares!

Since you’ve made the decision that anyone over a 2X is too fat to bother with, I feel entirely justified in saying: fuck you, Forever 21, and your patronizing over-hyped foray into “plus size” apparel. This oughtn’t to hurt your feelings or distress you in any way since I am so far outside the parameters of your fashion consideration.

Sincerely (irritated),

(For those interested in seeing the actual clothes, which are mostly heinous in my typically-humble opinion, click here. My rage is tempered only by the fact that I wouldn’t want to buy any of that crap anyway, though my continuing frustration with the inept mismanagement of badly-conceived plus-size lines by a number of traditionally non-plus retailers may be amplifying my anger at Forever 21 in particular.)

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