Outfitblogging: White Tights

By | January 15, 2009

I turn to stone, when you are gone, I turn to stone.
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Why are white/cream tights so universally reviled, at least when worn by anyone over the age of nine? I include myself in this generalization. They’re tough to wear without looking like a six year old girl headed to church. Also, I suspect there’s that nigh-universal style rule that white/cream tights make your legs look enormously fat. Which is not so much a problem for me, since my wonderfully fat legs look fat no matter what color my tights are. I don’t recall purchasing the above tights, but clearly it happened at some point.

Also: I have come to enjoy my pictures that aren’t real complimentary in the face area. It’s kind of a fuck-you gesture: it’s okay to not look perfect all the time in pictures. It’s okay to share pictures that aren’t particularly flattering. Just like beauty isn’t compulsory, neither I nor you nor anyone else owe it to the world to only keep and share the pictures that make us look good. Anyone who’s horrified by my not-perfect picture-face is taking life far too seriously.

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