B & Lu: Back to making with the 4Xs and 5Xs?

By | July 8, 2008

So a couple months ago there was a brief discussion on the Fatshionista Livejournal community about B & Lu’s shifting stock. Specifically, about the really quite annoying fact that a surprising proportion of their newer items at the time only went to a 3X – and a small, junior-sizing 3X at that.

That puts me right out.

A couple fatshionista members emailed customer service – as members are oft wont to do – signaling their distress and frustration. One of the responses from B & Lu allegedly said, in part:

We did add quite a bit of new styles that only went up to a size 3x. They were some styles that we really liked & didn’t want to pass on. In the future, we will continue to offer sizes 4x & 5x, it just won’t be on everything. Sometimes all we can get is size 1x-3x…

I didn’t find this response particularly reassuring, myself. In fact, I’ve been steering clear of B & Lu for the past couple months because of it – it’s too annoying, seeing something I like only to discover it ain’t fat enough for me. However, it seems the folks at B & Lu are listening. As of today, though not everything on their new arrivals page goes up to a 4X or 5X, most items do.

And look, the fatter fatties are being directly addressed:

I’m not sure if this is old news or not – as I said, I’ve not been to bandlu.com for months prior to today, so this is the first I’m seeing it. And sure, you can still get some of those ubiquitous printed-jersey dresses on eBay for a fraction of what B & Lu is charging. (Sorry B & Lu, but this really irritates me; I know times are tough all over, but let’s price things according to their worth.) That said, positive reactions to customer complaints from a small business like this – likely one that’s suffering from a shit US economy right now – can’t be bought. So besides posting here, I’m going to trot my fat, 4X-and-up-wearin’ ass over to the B & Lu site and see if I can’t show them some love, fiscally speaking.

As an aside, would it horrify y’all to hear how tempted I am by those crazy-ass printed leggings? Because if so, then yay, my job here is done.

ETA: Savvy fatshionista punkalicia has posted a new discount code for B & Lu in comments, further enabling your shopping urges –

Take 25% off your entire order at bandlu.com!

Enter promo code SAVINGS at checkout.
The 25% discount will apply to every item in your order,
including sale items.

Offer Expires July 16, 2008 at 11:59 pm CST.

Go forth and be fabulous.

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