Fat Vintage Nirvana (for New Yorkers, Anyway)

By | May 23, 2008

Last weekend I had the unqualified pleasure of visiting with Deb, the brains and beauty behind the up-n-coming Re/Dress, which is soon to be NYC’s most amazing plus-size vintage resource (and possibly the world’s, considering the neverending struggle it is to find fatty vintage).

The shop’s not open yet, but Deb has been vending at the Brooklyn Flea, which is where I visited her. Deb’s eye for vintage is remarkable, and every single scrap of clothing she has is amazing (if only all of it would fit me! and I were also a millionaire!) and Deb herself is helpful and generally fantastic to boot.

This Sunday, May 25th, will be Re/Dress’s final appearance at the Brooklyn Flea, and possibly your last chance to check out these amazing wares until the store opens. So fat vintage-lovin’ sizes-12-and-up-wearin’ New Yorkers, embrace this opportunity! You won’t be sorry.

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