The Princess’s Implants: A Children’s Story

By | April 16, 2008

Via BoingBoing, here’s a Newsweek piece about a kids’ book on the thorny and pertinent subject of plastic surgery. Not plastic surgery for KIDS, that would be horrifying! No, it’s a book preparing kids for their moms’ tummy tucks, nose jobs, and (implied) breast implants.

I’m a bit bewildered by this, frankly. On the one hand, anything that helps kids process difficult topics is a good thing. On the other, IT’S A KIDS’ BOOK ABOUT PLASTIC SURGERY! I just… WHAT?

In light of the above, it’s little wonder that a 12-year-old might ask for breast implants for her 13th birthday.

Finally, to end this on a snarkier note: from comments to the BoingBoing post, here’s a collection of brilliant “commercials” that must be seen to be believed.

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