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Fat Thrift Tips with stitchtowhere: Intro/Tip The First

By | May 30, 2008

The shop reviews on this site and the fatshionista community on livejournal are amazing resources for locating the latest fatshions online & in brick & mortar stores. Certainly the pleasure of slipping into a crisp brand-spanking-new-with-tags garment cannot be denied, but neither can the special sort of satisfaction that comes from discovering a lovely one-of-a-kind […]

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“Voice has become second to looks”: Fatphobia at the Opera

By | April 20, 2008

Last night I took my opa to see the Manitoba Opera’s production of La Traviata which translates loosely to something like “The fallen one,” referring at once to the protagonist Violetta’s courtisan past and losing battle with acute tuberculosis. According to this article, opera execs/producers would also like the “fall” or decline to apply to […]

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You think you deserve this shame…

By | April 15, 2008

…BUT YOU DON’T. In Me & you & everyone we know Miranda July’s character has “low ankles” & so her shoes always chafe her skin. She believes that it is the (obviously deviant) shape of her ankles, more generally, HER body, that condemns her to a lifetime of ill-fitting shoes & blistered & bleeding feet. […]

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